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Segregated Play Area for Under 2s

This area was refurbished in May 2016 and incorporates entertainment centres, play toys, sensory items, play tables and other baby toys. A baby sensory area is currently being sourced.



Segregated Play Area for Under 5s

We know how it can be when you want your youngster to have fun on the facilities that a Play Centre can offer, but you never quite feel happy about them running around with kids twice their size. After all, it only seems five minutes ago they were crawling!

Well we know how you feel. To that end, we have created a segregated play area for those kids aged under 5 years old. They even get their own ball cannon to shoot soft balls at the mini-cars going round the carpeted race track, as well 3 slides, a ball pit, 3 new playhouses (a café/shop and garage).. the list goes on.

This area is directly next to the restaurant seating area, so you are never too far away to keep a watchful eye on them.





Segregated Area for 3-11 year Olds

This area is a large 4 storey structure, there are many slides and crawl tubes, ball shooting cannons and many more playcentre features but the kids particularly seem to love the BALL SHOWER, SPOOKY ROOM, RAISED FOOTBALL PITCH and SEE-THROUGH floor.

All adults are of course, welcome to play in the main area with their children, if they think they can keep up! 





The 4m Vertical Drop Slide

Well, we can honestly say, you never forget your first go on the Drop Slide. To sit at the top and even think about throwing yourself down the slide takes more guts then most of us can muster.

However, that's us Adults - the Kids LOVE IT. OK, so the first go still takes about 10 minutes of thinking about it, but then there is always a member of staff manning the slide, to give you some encouragement.

Once you take the plunge, you can't wait to get back up quick enough for your next go





The Rocket Train… Choo, Choo!!

The Rocket Train ride is a hit for all ages, as long as the child can touch their feet on the ground they are free to ride! If not, a guardian gets to ride with them!

The ride is included in the entrance price and takes off at least once an hour!